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Exactly how it sounds. Learn how to shoot arrows into a target, displaying everything from a traditional target to digital zombies, and let us cater the experience to you. We can make this as competitive or as casual as you wish, but we will make sure EVERYONE sinks an arrow.
  • Arrive 15 minutes early to sign waivers.
  • Your group will be taken upstairs (stair access only) to the archery lanes for a safety introduction and tutorial on use.
  • Use our digital targets to choose from multiple different games to play with your group.
  • Your group will have 2 targets to shoot at (depending on group size – if it’s larger you’ll have all 4 targets).
  • Enjoy food and beverages during your visit if you wish.

All our bows are recurve bows.  We have a small variety of different weighted bows, as well as right and left handed bows.  We also have Genesis bows for children and anyone that would like to try one.  Each person has 3 Easton arrows that they’ll shoot at the target before heading down range (together) to collect and go again. 

No!  We will show you how to do everything.

Our minimum age is 10 years old for archery. 

Unfortunately, you are unable to bring your own bows at this time.

For a 1 hour booking there is a minimum requirement of 2 people.  Max of 16 people.

For a 1.5 hour booking there is a minimum requirement of 4 people.  Max of 20 people.

Our ‘Double Play’ package allows anyone to participate in 2 (or 3) activities consecutively and receive a 20% discount on each.  If you’d like to book a double play package – email

We also have a combination package with a splatter room kids party.  Details below:

Splatter Room Plus Package for Kids – $169.95 + tax and 12.5% gratuity.  Approximately 1.5 hours.


Splatter room experience for 5 children

  • All protective equipment provided
  • Canvas and take-home box for canvas provided
  • 30 mins of axe throwing (or archery) for 5 children

You MUST wear closed toe shoes to participate.

The archery lanes are on the second floor with stair-access only. 

You can bring food or beverages from the bar to your archery lane.  

Don’t wear loose fitting clothing