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Axes For Axe Throwing

We get a lot of inquires about what the best axes used for axe throwing are and what type of equipment people should be using. We wanted to create a resource to direct people to our recommendations of axes people should use for axe throwing.

The World Axe Throwing League (WATL) manufacturers axes specifically for axe throwing! These aren’t axes you can find in a local hardware store, they are specially crafted for WATL standards and axe throwing in general.


WATL’s ultra-thin profiled blades help you stick the axe to the board every time. No more worrying about not throwing hard enough. Axes are generally meant to split wood, but WATL axes are meant to stick easily to boards.


WATL axes are specifically engineered for axe throwers of all skill levels including the highest level of competition as seen on ESPN. They are also great for beginners who are looking to get started.


Ranging from a total weight of 1.9-2.2lbs, WATL’s perfectly balanced axe lineup will have you throwing for hours. Say goodbye to heavy hardware store hatchets! Because of the lighter weight and straight handles, you can throw more accurately and focus less on throwing hard.


Competition Thrower Axe

The easiest to recommend and best for throwers of beginner to intermediate skill is The World Axe Throwing League Competition Thrower.

The Competition Thrower is built to be sturdy and take a beating while also maintaining a sharp edge to make throwing easy. All WATL Axes are made from forged steel for strength and have a straight 16 inch handle to allow for flexibility and ease of release with various throwing styles.

At just over 2 lbs the Competition Thrower is great for prolonged throwing sessions. You can also find the Competition Thrower in the WATL Starter Kit.


Bad Axe™ Throwing Axe

Taking a step up from the Competition Thrower you’ll find a WATL axe named after us. The Bad Axe™. The Bad Axe™ maintains most of the same design as the Competition Thrower while significantly improving on the blade to allow more coverage and a thinner profile that makes it easier to stick.


  • 16″ Handle
  • Custom Snake Head Flair
  • Ships With Custom Fitted Full Head Soft Sheath

Corporal Throwing Axe

The Corporal is very similar to The Bad Axe for intermediate or advanced throwers. The hook design, straight edge and weight make it easy for anyone to stick the axe.

Maximum coverage with a perfectly straight blade is the advantage for The Corporal. This means much higher chances of sticking the axe if you have perfected your distance from the target.

The extremely thin profile of The Corporal matches all the axes in the World Axe Throwing League Lineup.


  • 17″ Handle
  • Blade Flare/Hook that allows the axe to easily stick and stay on the boards
  • Ships With Custom Fitted Full Head Soft Sheath

Ace Of Spades Throwing Axe

The Ace of Spades is the most advanced axe in the WATL lineup. With a teardrop shaped blade it allows for the maximum forgiveness and sticking power by any thrower.

This axe is the favorite among top level throwers in WATL.

The Ace of Spade is the thinnest and sharpest axe in the WATL lineup of throwing axes while still having 4? inches of coverage.


  • 16″ Handle
  • Spade Flare
  • Ships With Custom Fitted Full Head Soft Sheath

Butcher Throwing Axe

The Butcher is the ultimate axe used for axe throwing from WATL.

With almost two years of research and development in just this one single axe, WATL has created what they believe to be the best throwing axe of all time.


  • 17″ Handle
  • Iconic Cleaver Design
  • Ships With Custom Fitted Full Head Soft Sheath

Commander Throwing Axe

The Commander is the entry into the championship lineup for beginner throwers. It is designed to be extremely durable while still offering a significant bump in accuracy and performance.


  • 17″ Handle
  • The most thought out balance profile of any WATL axe
  • Minimalist Head Design

The WATL Big Axe

For those that want to participate in a different kind of throw experience the WATL also sells larger axes in addition to standard hatchets. The WATL offers Big Axe specific leagues and competitions.

The WATL Big Axe is the only axe on the market designed specifically for axe throwing with a profile that matches hatchet sized axes.


The General Big Axe

The General is WATL’s first premium big axe. With a blade shape and profile comparable to that of The Bad Axe, only larger, The General is poised to become one of the favourite big axes in WATL competition.

The General is the only premium axe on the market designed specifically for axe throwing with a profile that matches hatchet sized axes.


The Ultimate Axe Throwing Collection

If you’re looking to grab all the main axes at once, the World Axe Throwing League has made it convenient to do so and has lowered the price to make it easier!